Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sibling Reflection after a Wedding

Morgan-Cooper Wedding 
Oklahoma City, OK March 11, 2017 
photo by Dan Morgan (c) 2017

Wow. So much fun being a part of the celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Cooper. Tara was stunning as the bride. (Beautiful naturally...but also going the distance from smiles at the Petroleum Club rehearsal dinner to the alter at Christ the King to the charming exit from the country club reception in a vintage car.) A fantastic wedding. God is smiling on those dragons from Southlake and it makes Rob show us his soft side with emotion that is palpable. 

Sundance you were there as I could not resist sharing a story with the groomsmen at Cooper's male bonding over burgers, brats and beer. The brother who managed to get himself kicked out of Georgetown twice. (I know...I may never have the facts fully accurate in my accounts. But as they say in the movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - "when legend become fact, print the legend"

Lynn (Zsa Zsa) you were there too. I know I'm a bit of a smart ass when I note "Six Morgans - eleven weddings" but you are an inspiration in your resilience.  Everyone deserves a shot at happily every after. Your weddings were among the most memorable. This one looks like it might stick. (Tara's middle name is Lynne. Huh.) 

Greg - It is always easier for me to get around town with Uber Dad in the mix. Wes (the lesser) and Matt - Those boys are so much fun. In your hotel suite it kinda felt like the U - Mahoney Hall #234. 

Dan - thanks for convincing Netti to travel with you to OKC. She puts your moral entrepreneurship in perspective with humor and grace. You have an uncanny knack for staging things for the optimal digital splash. 

Rob - You did good. But that is to be expected from the BEST. You know, of course, that Joy keeps you humble and always rallies that awesome family of yours. Thanks for sharing your family! 

Parker Milsap - your rendition of Butterfly Kisses was a surprise and a treat. I love it that you photo-bombed your way into the hearts and minds of Morgans everywhere.

photos below by Gregory Morgan (c) 2017