Friday, April 24, 2015

Writers' Showcase

Authors Donius, Morgan, Wors and Reimer at the cupping room at Kaldi's in Chesterfield, MO (Photograph by Janet Jennewein.) 

Chesterfield (MO) at the cupping room of Kaldi’s coffee the ExecLink St. Louis professional association planned an exclusive event featuring authors and those interested in learning more about becoming a published author.  Chris Riemer has recently published his business parable Happywork; William Donius is moving forward with a follow up to his 2012 book Thought Revolution How to Unlock Your Inner Genius; Wes Morgan wanted to share some highlights of his new book Failure Coach; Victoria (Vicky) Wors is excited about launching her personal and cathartic work I Can’t Believe That Was Me… Oh yes I can, and it still is under a pen name Lauren Taylor.

The intimate gathering was ideal for a candid conversation about a wide range of topics related to publishing but, as it unfolded, it was more revealing as it provided some insight into what drives people to write. “I never saw myself as a writer” says Donius, “but as I started to practice some pretty unorthodox techniques for thinking through problems in a business setting. I was determined to test it with others.” The result was a validation of sorts, a new publisher and an expanded edition of his thesis. Donius challenges his readers to consider the power of the non-dominant side of their brains.

Chris Reimer admits that his high ranking as an influencer in social media added to his ability to get published. Earlier in his life he was a CPA and wanted to make a pretty radical career change. “My wife supported my decision to move in this new direction and she was behind me even though it meant a decrease in salary to support our family.” Chris admits the book is a vehicle for a discussion about toxic workplaces that seem all too common. His book is a vehicle for wider discussions about behaviors in the workplace. Chris is an active speaker too.

Morgan humbly admits “My book exists because I felt compelled to write it. It started as a series of blogs. It is a work of fiction and it is in some ways similar to Chris Riemer’s book. In fact my lead character meets Bill Donius on  an airplane from Cleveland.”

Bill Donius says, “I’ve never been to Cleveland.” Morgan is amused and offers, “Well you have now in my book anyway. Thanks for making that cameo.”

Victoria Wors says her book is about choices. She uses a pen name but her book is intensely personal cathartic and autobiographical. She credits Ken Walk for editing her book. Vicky’s lead character (Lauren) has a life story begins in the birthplace of Janis Joplin - Port Arthur, TX. “Thank you for introducing Lauren to the world” writes Vicky in an autographed copy of her book about choices and roads not taken.

Maybe  these authors are saying that the books they write are only a part of the road they have chosen. Keep reading. There are always surprises in the text. 

Note: Failure Coach -- a novel by Wes Morgan is now available on 

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Remarkable Lindsey

Larger than life is she, that angel of mine. Lindsey came to us in that window of time market researchers call a generation of Millenials. Indeed she embraced the notion that the world revolved around her - but with good humor. Yet, no one is more giving of herself as hundreds of youth groupers would attest. She is determined (some might say stubborn). She is precise (some might interpreted as persnickety). She is confident (which some mistake for arrogance). She is remarkable – no one can deny.  

If you have a project and a worthy cause. She is all in. Be ready with the wherewithal to blow up balloons, cut paper, paste or paint until it seems the world is covered with a powerful intent to solve its problem. And only then will she move on. Obsessed, driven and alive with passion. This girl is on fire. I want to be on her team. Not so much because she is sure to be a winner as much as the fun we’ll have in the effort to do our very best in spite of the odds.

She has a mission.Failure is not an option. Play through the pain and surprise surprise… you realize a gain.

The day she got married was full of joy. Naturally, as the bride, she was in the center of it all. I have always said the world is a better place with her in it. On that day it seemed proof positive. A world spinning around my shaineh maidel, that pretty girl in charge, was fantastic and a better world, if only for a time. G-d is in the details. The union of her brother Ben to Allison was dubbed the Best Day Ever. It was wonderful too I will admit. A new day that includes the bright lights of Lindsey and Allison is upon us. The future looks bright indeed.   

Sweet Linzer Torte.

There is a castle on a cloud. 

Happy Birthday Lindsey 4-22-2015 

(Photo by Gregory L Morgan)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Max and Mary Marry 6-19-15

Another wedding day comes to pass;
Not the first. Not the last.
The union between Mary and Max;
You’ve got to like the odds -- based on the facts.
A marriage of equals in the mix.
All is well. There is nothing to fix.
The firm of His & Her, two lawyers no longer have to wait;
Partners together -- mate to mate.
Remember -- love the world and respect each other’s space
Love, honor, and obey – face to face.
No challenges to litigate;
No circumstances to mitigate.
Sun in the sky; sand in your shoes.
This is the happiest of news.
We have the highest hopes for all of your dreams;
From this day forth and for evermore;
Life as it is on the Cape and at the Jersey Shore.
Be a beacon of hope for all of us here;
Be an inspiration for people everywhere.
Recall those who have long since gone.
They are always with us – We’re never alone.
Whatever you choose, Whatever you do.
We want to see the very best in the two of you
Keep it simple and keep it sweet
Be one in victory and in defeat.
You are blessed. You found each other.
Celebrate each day. Commit to one another.
For you are the leaders of this new day and another place in time.
Your example sets the line
Honor the future, respect the past.
Hoist the flag up a great ship’s mast.
Be determined, fast and free
Take the time, seize the day and let it be.
Manage adversity
Live in harmony
Laugh whenever you can
Mary, the woman. Max, the man.
With glasses, a mustache, and a Groucho nose;
Your chances are better than most, I suppose.

Love and Best Wishes from Uncle Eyeball on your wedding day 6/19/2015.