Monday, April 20, 2015

The Remarkable Lindsey

Larger than life is she, that angel of mine. Lindsey came to us in that window of time market researchers call a generation of Millenials. Indeed she embraced the notion that the world revolved around her - but with good humor. Yet, no one is more giving of herself as hundreds of youth groupers would attest. She is determined (some might say stubborn). She is precise (some might interpreted as persnickety). She is confident (which some mistake for arrogance). She is remarkable – no one can deny.  

If you have a project and a worthy cause. She is all in. Be ready with the wherewithal to blow up balloons, cut paper, paste or paint until it seems the world is covered with a powerful intent to solve its problem. And only then will she move on. Obsessed, driven and alive with passion. This girl is on fire. I want to be on her team. Not so much because she is sure to be a winner as much as the fun we’ll have in the effort to do our very best in spite of the odds.

She has a mission.Failure is not an option. Play through the pain and surprise surprise… you realize a gain.

The day she got married was full of joy. Naturally, as the bride, she was in the center of it all. I have always said the world is a better place with her in it. On that day it seemed proof positive. A world spinning around my shaineh maidel, that pretty girl in charge, was fantastic and a better world, if only for a time. G-d is in the details. The union of her brother Ben to Allison was dubbed the Best Day Ever. It was wonderful too I will admit. A new day that includes the bright lights of Lindsey and Allison is upon us. The future looks bright indeed.   

Sweet Linzer Torte.

There is a castle on a cloud. 

Happy Birthday Lindsey 4-22-2015 

(Photo by Gregory L Morgan)

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