That’s fine with me. The public transportation allows us to get into the spirit of the day. Brown and orange is everywhere: sweatshirts, wool caps and face paint. “Go Brownies!” All over town, they are firing up grills and tailgating before the game between the old Browns (Art Modell’s The Baltimore Ravens) and today’s Cleveland Browns in their new 73,200 seat stadium (designed by HOK Sports and completed in 1999.)

As we made our way from the Terminal Tower downtown to the stadium with throngs of Browns fans, Pat and I compared notes on our advertising careers. We both worked in New York at J. Walter Thompson (at different times). Pat managed to leverage his Ohio State Law School Degree and charming diplomacy into a long care in the advertising business. Nearing retirement now, Pat is now founder of P.J. Morin Inc. I became a corporate communications specialist and later started my own business too. (Due in part to inspiration from P.J.Morin himself). It was a perfect day for football (sunny and in the mid-fifties). We are in section 108 near the 45 yard line. Great seats. Great day. (But not for the Browns.)
Ravens 37, Browns 27
With the score tied at 27 in the forth quarter, Cleveland WR Braylon Edwards dropped what would have been the go ahead 77-yard TD pass from Derek Anderson. The Browns never threatened again. Browns fans screamed “Bra-dy!” Bra-dy!” hoping popular backup QB Brady Quinn would replace Anderson. - paraphrasing USA TODAY Monday, November 3, 2008
At the end of the game, Browns fans dispersed, exasperated at the missed opportunities and disgusted with a 3-5 record. As they spill into the downtown area, the police and the barricades and the helicopters let you know the Obama rally will soon begin. Bruce Springsteen performed. He sang a half dozen songs including Thunder Road, an ode to Youngstown (an Ohio steel town), and folk ballad This land is your land. Bruce Springsteen let Clevelanders know he wanted change. “Today we are at the crossroads. It’s been a long, long, long time coming. I want my country back. I want my dream back. I want my America back.”

That was two years ago. Obama is President. The Browns have a new Quarterback and it’s still great to watch football on any given Sunday. Keep hope alive. Go Browns.

- Optimistic Contributor Wes Morgan: originally posted September 16, 2010