Saturday, May 5, 2012

Remarkable Leadership

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Eikenberry, the author of Remarkable Leadership. Kevin is a speaker and leadership trainer for a long list of clients including corporations and industry associations. He insists he is not a motivational speaker because that inspiration has to come from within an individual.  However, at the heart of his work is the challenge to “Be remarkable.” He believes strongly that everyone has the potential to be remarkable.

The day I met Kevin, he actually gave two presentations. The American Marketing Association Leadership Summit scheduled him for two sessions. I attended both. His morning session included interaction with a smaller group. It was clear that he made mental notes which added value and relevance to the keynote presentation to over 500 people that evening.  

Remarkable Leadership is a practical handbook written for anyone who wants to hone the skills they need to become a remarkable leader. This book outlines a framework and a mechanism for both learning new things and applying current knowledge in a thoughtful and practical way. It provides a guide through the most important leadership competencies, offers a proven method for learning leadership skills, and shows approaches for applying these skills in today’s multitasking and overloaded world of work. The book explores real-world concerns such as focus, limited time, incremental improvement, and how we learn.

Kevin is a true believer that leaders can be made. The book identifies behaviors that remarkable leaders exhibit. He gives practical ways to develop for those who aspire to be remarkable. After his keynote you could feel the motivation of chapter leaders starting to emerge. In my book, he is a motivational speaker if the mood in that room is any indicator. Thanks Kevin!  

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