Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ben + Allison

Separated by a single floor in the Standford Rosborough tower freshman year, it was improbable that our paths wouldn’t have crossed sooner. We had tons of mutual friends and common interests, but didn’t meet until junior year at the University of Miami. The warm weather, palm trees, tropical gardens and beaches of Coral Gables provided the perfect setting for this love story.

Our first meeting was at an epic college party, affectionately referred to as the “Boom Boom Hizzy: Pinecrest Edition."  For most, the party was an opportunity to take shots, funnel beers, flip cups, tap kegs, jump from the balcony into the pool, or make any other bad decisions you thought “sounded good at the time.”  For us, it was just the opposite.
Danny and Casey (both of whom you will find on the wedding party page) introduced us within minutes of arrival at the Boom Boom Hizzy. As they say, the rest was history. Whether it was Ben’s witty humor or Allison’s earthy perspective on world issues, we completely tuned out the action and noise of one of the biggest parties of the year to focus on each other. Laughing and talking for hours, it was clear we weren’t interested in anything or anyone else (plus, it took too long to get a beer!). Although Ben seemed to “forget” to ask for Allison’s phone number at the end of the night (leading her to think he was completely uninterested), he recovered with a smooth Facebook message in the morning. 

From our quasi-first date to see Across the Universe, hitchhikig to football games from the 17th Street house tailgate parties, deciding it was a great idea to buy a Doberman puppy to battling long-distance love and moving into our first place together in St. Louis – there was no denying we both found “the one”.
Just a few days before moving to New York to accept a new job, Ben and Allison took a vacation to Cancun, Mexico. On Cinco de Mayo, Ben woke up feeling “sick” and said to Allison “You know what would make me feel better?…If you would be my wife.”  
As the fairytale love story continues, we now live in the Big Apple and are loving life together – taking every opportunity to explore green spaces, try new restaurants and get lost on streets we’ve never walked before. We’re so excited to continue this incredible journey and can’t wait to celebrate with family and friends when we tie the knot in Miami this fall! 

This love story from www.benlovesallison.com is worth sharing. I haven't changed a word. They were married on October 27, 2012

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