Sunday, January 11, 2015


Alan Rado of Adrado (Chicago), Patrick Scullin of Ames Scullin O'Haire (Atlanta), Stephen Fechtor of Fechtor Advertising (Columbus, Ohio) and Matt Walker of WHITE (Washington D.C. area).

ST. LOUIS (MO) Every year, we invite a panel of distinguished creative leaders to consider the best work done in the course of business in our town. St. Louis has a robust advertising community and supports the annual celebration of the craft. By entering, agencies, design firms, production companies and clients are hopeful of recognition of their efforts. If their work is judged to be among the best they will earn an ADDY.

The success of such a program depends heavily on the integrity of the process. To that end, the people chosen to objectively review hundreds of submissions in an effort to identify the best work must be a credible crew. This year we were fortunate to have pressed four outstanding judges into service: Alan Rado of Adrado (Chicago), Patrick Scullin of Ames Scullin O'Haire (Atlanta), Stephen Fechtor of Fechtor Advertising (Columbus, Ohio) and Matt Walker of WHITE (Washington D.C. area).  

A by-product of such a confluence are the sidebar conversations about the state of an industry. digital disruption, social media, and the technologies that are forever changing the way we communicate. Still these judges seem to agree on the paramount importance of building upon on strong strategic platform.  Alan is a seasoned art director who teaches at two colleges in Chicago, Patrick is an agency principle in Atlanta. He was once a flack advance man for a circus. Stephen once called St. Louis home.  Although not a sports fan he finds himself at Ballpark Village with a cacophony sound brought on by a St. Louis Blues hockey game in overtime and NFL playoff fever in the air on Saturday night. Matt shows his good sportsmanship after travel delays flying the friendly skies from Washington D.C. – The youngest judge, Matt is perhaps the most vigilant in looking for advertising that shows it is based on a strong concept.

The outcome of this year’s judging is a secret (of course) until the winners are made public next month. But this group of judges made sure that ADDY recognition means something. Hats off to Joe Mastroianni for managing an orderly orchestration and Kristy Tucciarone and her inspired students from Lindenwood (Go Lions!).  Thank you judges.

P.S. Thanks also to Pat Scullin for the suggestion of checking out YouTube video of BOB HOFFMAN - The Golden Age of Bullshit. 

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