Sunday, November 22, 2015


I used to be a big deal;
Never had to pay for a meal;
Business prevailed almost on a whim;
Around the clock, fit and trim;
Looking good --- like it will last;
The future is bright with no regard for the past.

History repeats, but what do we learn?
Times change --- you continue to earn.
Myopia hits a blind spot and ka-boom.
Now who’s the smartest in the room?
Family, friends, and friends of friends everywhere;
You know who you are and you know that I care.

No frills, cheap thrills and all in retrospect;
The sun sets on a day and your own self respect;
The best of times were those with nothing at stake;
Philosophers dream but dreams do not make.
A wise man looks and is one who sees;
Blue skies and splashes of color in the trees.

Clarity of vision, simple, clean and crisp;
Proceed with caution but never without risk.
When there is a will of a way with some time to chill;
On this day I thank you, love you and admire you still.
The best is yet to come --- The best and then some; 
For now, cherish the moment for your day will come.
Fast forward if you must.
In G-d we trust.
Remember quality is in the journey --- In how we proceed.
Be calm and confident and you will always lead.
Generation gaps quickly merge as time slips away.
But please smell the flowers along the way.

It's not how you arrive;
It is great to be alive.
It is not what you have, but what you do;
Make a difference --- it doesn’t matter who.
Let it be --- Roll the dice.
Together now --- isn’t that so nice?

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