Thursday, June 23, 2016

Digital Dan 2016 Birthday Poem

Digital Dan

Let me tell you about digital Dan.
Dayton Flyer, photographer, the man with a plan;
Sometimes, self righteous and quick to attack.
Spikey white hair wearing all black.

Single lens focus, an eye for composition;
Shrewd, at times crude, when it comes to competition.
Brother he’s known for his sensitivity;
A crybaby, quitter and a bit of a sissy;

But notice --- it is he who boldly hits the road;
The truth belongs to the teller or so I am told.
A well framed layout and a flash;
All other options in the trash.

Set aside what you thought was true;
As we salute the Red the White and the Blue.
A portrait, a journal, a tabletop, on fire or on ice;
A picture speaks louder than words. Isn’t that nice!

In an instant an image is captured and treasured in time;
Cherished, preserved, recorded --- history is kind.
Better than an interpretation --- the ideal is fine.
Parallax displacement, out of focus, or out of line;

Brush the imperfections and photo-shop away;
Digital Dan saves the day. 

Happy Birthday Rex.

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