Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It just isn't fair

A college professor teaching Business Ethics began his lecture one night by writing on the board  - LIFE ISN’T FAIR. He got our attention. “Poverty, illness, natural disasters are not fair, yet these things happen. Your girlfriend or boyfriend dumps you without any reason. Your prospective employer hires his son-in-law instead of you. These things happen. It’s not fair. Class, always remember, that LIFE ISN’T FAIR.” That professor made a strong point. I will never forget that class. I will never forget that lecture in particular.

A Little League baseball game is being officiated and coached on a Spring afternoon. The home fans are screaming at officials at a close call. The coach tries to be fair by giving everyone on the team some playing time. If you have been to a kids’ Little League baseball game recently, you know the crowd of parents and friends can be pretty tough coaches. They want their kids to achieve and have a chance to succeed. They demand fairness!        

Baltusrol Golf Club in northern New Jersey is synonymous with championship golf. It has a rich heritage that dates back to 1895. It is considered one of the country's premier private golf clubs. Preeminent golf course architect Robert Trent Jones was invited to make some changes to the course in the early 1950’s. Considering #4 at Baltrusal, Jones lengthened it by nearly 70 yards, gave it a longer carry (over a pond), re-shaped of the bunkers and added the distinctive rock wall. The result is a stunning par-3 that stands out as one of the top ranked holes in the world of golf. When the hole was opened for play, Jones was criticized by members for making the hole too difficult.  "Let's go play the hole and see if there is anything that needs to be done," Jones suggested as he led the principal critic along with head pro Johnny Farrell and C.P. Burgess, General Chairman of the 1954 Open Championship, to the fourth tee.  They all struck shots. Jones struck his and sank it for a hole-in-one!  "Gentlemen, I think the hole is eminently fair," the architect is reported to have said.

Life isn’t fair! Yet, you should try to enjoy life and all the good things in it. Take the bad with the good. Maybe it won’t seem fair all of the time. Do your best to have a positive outlook. Look for the beauty in things. Good luck and good fortune happen too.  It’s a joy to watch a little league game regardless of who scores the most runs. It’s a marvel to see or get a hole in one!  Be hopeful. Be optimistic. Maybe today will be your lucky day. I hope so.

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