Monday, November 19, 2012

Sellin' the Result.

Tom Ruwich is founder of MarketVolt, a powerful email marketing software firm offering guidance to help you turn prospects into customers and customers into clients with maximum lifetime value. MarketVolt's web-based software is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to put the right information in front of the right people at the right time. Tom is a writer and former journalist with a degree in History from Yale. He is an entrepreneur. He’s a smart dude and a smart businessman too.

I have seen Tom make presentations to audiences on several occasions. Typically he focuses on the importance of CONTENT. His persuasive argument favors a disciplined approach to understanding your target and managing a message strategy. He advocates building a matrix FAQs or frequently asked questions,“should be asked” questions, objections, competitive alternatives etc. and filling it out with compelling arguments for your brand. I agree fully with such a sound methodology. I am a marketing communications specialist. Of course I concur.

I sell the same thing, on the surface at least. You see Tom wants you to sign up for MarketVolt. His website says: “MarketVolt - Because we help you market more productively and comfortably. Better software empowers you to work an get the job done with ease — with maximum efficiency and minimum hassle. Extraordinary support gives you confidence. We have your back and we will help you succeed,” and goes on to say “Flexible plans gives you freedom and options. You can do it all yourself or engage us to help. Your choice. Fair and flexible pricing. Pricing plans start under $1 per day….

Now that is decidedly different sell at the end, isn’t it? Once you’ve nodded your head yes to every step of the way, the close is about signing up for an annuity payment each month. It’s exactly like the argument for a health club membership. You sell the fitness, health and improved quality of life. You don’t see the sweat and agony of daily workouts. You are willing to pay for an easy, comfortable success. You have a vision of a healthier company or a fitter you. And just like that state-of-the-art gym/health club facility, MarketVolt does you no good if you don’t use it.

So what I realize is this. I’m selling the same thing (the result) but I can’t make you do the work. Unlike MarketVolt I don’t get paid for your lack of performance. I have no software, gym or unused tools to point to if you just don’t want to do at least some of the work. Does that seem unfair to you?

P.S. Plans starting at $1 a day ($365 annually). If you are not completely satisfied - blame yourself, renew, upgrade, wish harder or do some work on the CONTENT.    

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