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Kinmundy Pride

1906 Kinmundy High School graduating class

Back row: James O. Lowe, Harry F. Craig, J. Ben Morgan, Clemmie Whittenburg

Front row: M. Thrasher - Superintendent, Evangeline Parrill - Asst. Supt.


April 19, 1906:

Four Complete Course and Receive Diplomas. It is with pleasure that we chronicle the commencement exercises rendered on the evenings of April 10 and 11, closing a seven months term of the Kinmundy High School which completed the course for the following graduates: Messrs. James O. LOWE, Harry F. CRAIG, J. Ben MORGAN, and Miss Clemmie WHITTENBURG. On Tuesday evening, April 10, at 8:30, the curtain lifted, revealing the eager gaze of hundreds, the graduates and orchestra seated on the stage in a semi-circle, whose radiant faces were beaming with smiles while their olfactories and optics were regales with the rich odors and superb tints of fragrant flowers. (*) (A class picture accompanied this article)


June 2, 1910:

Kinmundy Boys Honored: J. Ben MORGAN and Harry CRAIG, both of this city, who have been in St. Louis the past four years studying medicine, have successfully passed the examinations and are graduating; Ben from the St. Louis University of Medicine on Tuesday May 31, and Harry from the Washington University June 9. A few days ago, the St. Louis City Hospital gave a very rigid examination to the graduates of the different schools in the city, and these two boys were among the number to pass and gain places in the hospital, which Harry expects to accept. These examinations given by the City Hospital are so thorough that only a small percent of the applicants pass it, and our boys are above the average in their studies to gain these honors. Ben has been offered a position in St. John’s Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, as House Physician, which he expects to accept about July 1st. There are 68 members in his class of which he has the honor of being Secretary. These two young men have both worked faithfully for the honors they are receiving and both are to be complimented upon their success.

Note: Kinmundy was a family driving vacation when we were young enough to travel (4 boys, mom and dad, I cannot recall if Lynn was with us too. Older brother Sundance was not living at home at that time.) A city brochure we picked up included a poem, part of which I will paraphrase. Mom read it aloud in a playfully mocking way to tease Dad who really had an attachment to the place. It said, "Take Kinmundy, our city fair. No fog. No smog. Just clean fresh air."


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