Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Building and your Brand

If you are fortunate enough to have a building initiative as part of your growth plans, I hope you won’t forget to leverage every step of the way to reinforce your brand and your message. Outlined here are just some of the best ways to make sure your stakeholders and fans know that for which your brand stands. Done thoughtfully the milestones along the way will signal to everyone from employee to stockholder that you mean business.  Don’t cut corners on some of these incremental activities that are in fact great opportunities.

Renderings  - You have worked through every detail of your design, architecture and engineering of your project. That project rendering is an awesome tool. When you are ready to let the world know of your plans, a beautiful rendering increases the likelihood of getting news coverage of your building. That visual will also increase the chances of readership. It is worthwhile to make sure your brand and appropriate marks are prominent on the visuals that will accompany the news of your project. (Work with your architect and building team to get the images you want to represent the project.)

Site Signage -  Another great place to showcase your project rendering, brand and mission. Your job site is enhanced greatly when you let your business neighbors know you are looking forward to occupying a beautiful space in the community. Take advantage of the signage to effectively generate word of mouth and anticipation. 
Traffic and Safety - Construction can often be disruptive but giving thought to the details of alternative traffic flow, parking and safety says a lot about how you do business. All of those individuals working on the job, working around the construction and supporting the building. should note the care by which look to those details.

Groundbreaking - Another place to feature your rendering, brand and key messages is in the ceremonial tradition of breaking ground. This can be a modest affair with only principals or a catered gala with music and dignitaries depending on the scope of the impact you want to make.
Topping off ceremony - Depending on your project, it might make sense to celebrate the final beam or finishing piece. You might prefer to celebrate a finishing touch like a sculptural adornment or foyer statue. Look for opportunities to generate news and excitement.

Donor wall, bricks, glass or plaques - If your business is member driven, a not for profit or one that wants to recognize the historical contributions of donations, efforts and support of individuals. Recognize with design and architectural significance. Dedicate it with media attention and celebrate with representatives of this group.
Ribbon Cutting/Grand Opening - When you want the world to know you are open for business, a ceremonial ribbon cutting followed by grand opening activities can go a long way. This could be focused on a single day or extended over a period of time.

Of course every project is different but most have causes for celebration. Don’t miss the opportunity think like a marketer when those building milestones are in sight.     

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