Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ernest Trova - Falling Man

Ernest Tino Trova (February 19, 1927 – March 8, 2009) was a self-trained American surrealist and pop art painter and sculptor. Best known for his signature image and figure series, The Falling Man, Trova considered his entire output a single "work in progress." Trova used classic American comic character toys in some of his pieces because he admired their surrealism. Many of Trova's sculptures are cast in unusual white bronze.

Trova's Falling Man series, "about man at his most imperfect," features an armless human figure, that appeares in sculptures, paintings and prints. In a 1964 interview with the St. Louis Post Dispatch, he described The Falling Man as "a personal hypothetical theory on the nature of man," and further stated "I believe that man is first of all an imperfect creature. The first reaction I usually get to this is that I'm pessimistic. I don't think I am.... It's very close to many theories of man — the Catholic view that man is a fallen creature, for example."

Trova began as a painter, progressing through three-dimensional constructions to his mature medium, sculpture. Trova's gift of forty of his works led to the opening of St. Louis County, Missouri's Laumeier Sculpture Park.

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