Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Once Upon a Time, an Agency Fable

A long time ago in a land far way (we’ll call it Claytonia), two young explorers (we’ll call them Guy and Rex) started an advertising agency. They were so very excited to be doing this because they knew it was a rich and fertile region in and around Claytonia.  

The explorers set up shop in town. Soon, the cash register was ringing and business was bustling. After a while they hired assistant explorers and gave them cubicles in the fort they built for the agency. Years passed. The town crier could often be heard ringing his bell with news of Guy and Rex. New business victories! Winning campaigns! The townspeople were so proud to see the young explorers succeed.

By and by, Rex took his collection of valuable coins and left the agency. Guy was sad.  He had no interest in counting all the money or taking clients to lunch. He was busy crafting award-winning advertising. What would he do?  

As fate would have it, a young knight (we’ll call him D'Artagnan) was ready to slay a few dragons and came upon the fort in Claytonia. Guy and D’Artagnan became fast friends. They joined forces and renamed the agency. Soon the fort had more cubicles and a handsome conference room.

It was so much fun. Clients would travel far and wide to visit the fort. The agency was a bee-hive of energy and commerce. Competitors came and went. Bigger firms were always trying to buy them up but Guy and D’Artagnan would have nothing of it. (They did not want to be swallowed by InterBig or MegaCorp or International ACME Consolidated.) All the while, agencies in other lands would seek out Guy and D’Artagnan for advice on how to build such a magnificent and independent business.

Today Guy/D’Art Marketing Communications is a place for clear thought-leadership and careful deliberate distilled thinking. They are the envy of all in the ad community in the village of Claytonia, not to mention regions far and away. It appears they will live happily ever after - smiling, blogging and building still more cubicles. Happy Anniversary Guy/D’Art! We hope you never become D’Arcy, Arnold, Glennon, Gardner, Kupper, Drone, Adamson, Flip, Splash, Tilt, Rocket Ship, KaPow, Ziparoo or Sonic Boom! (You know who you are and you know what I mean.)     

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