Friday, March 30, 2012

Radio Days Are Now

In the 1940s, radio was the country’s favorite vehicle for companies to showcase their products. Soap Operas first began on radio and regular sponsors sold everything from shaving cream to automobiles. Those days may be gone, but radio is still a highly effective way to build a following for your brand.

After working in talk radio for several years and taking two shows to national prominence, Scott Ragain created EG Radio Marketing. “I enjoy the flexibility and creative process of radio,” says Scott. “Working with new shows, hosts and partnering with affiliates is fun and challenging. Where I really excel is in making sure my supporters and advertisers get the best possible bang for their buck. That's really a matter of aligning the right advertisers with the programming we develop." Since opening in 2011 Scott has developed a wide range of programming:

Animal Wise STL hosted by Tara Brooks, DVM, owner of Affton Veterinary Clinic and Matt Koch, Professional Dog Trainer

Prime Life with regional seniors advocate Dawn Trauth-Smith

Heroic Parents with Bo & Stacy Gove - an hour-long, weekly radio show featuring a faith-centric call to action for parents

Happily Married Husband with Emmy award-winning broadcaster, Randy Gardner

Rising Above with John O’Leary onTruthTalk AM 630 (and also available online)

The Journey: Living a Life of Significance with Jeff Arthur of Excalibur Life Coaching

The Trader’s Eye with Professor David England - a weekly show produced and broadcast out of Southern Illinois and syndicated nationally beginning June of 2012.

Creative Director and owner of Bloodlines Creative, Thomas Blood says, “Radio is true theater of the mind. It's a great way to advertise because advertisers have an opportunity to paint pictures with words. The advertiser who takes advantage of that fact gets tremendous value for their investment."

In a way, you would have to say Radio is new again and a smart, if not just a little retro way to provide relevant programming to your target audience

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