Sunday, October 26, 2014

Digital Dan

My brother is a commercial photographer. But, more importantly, he is a guy who has adjusted to the recent developments in marketing both his business and the nature of his practice. He studied photography at the University of Dayton in Ohio. He sharpened his skills, working for our father’s design studio which offered services related to art, advertising and photography. Dan always had an interest and affinity for technology. So when he took his talents to New York City he became very proficient in offering photography ready for publication. Sotheby’s Auction House discovered Dan Morgan as a resource for quality, high volume production of everything from rare books, fine art to artifacts that would be offered for sale at auction. He worked in the Big Apple for nearly a decade (and still has clients in the Northeast), But he returned to his beloved Cleveland, Ohio because it was where he and his wife, Annette were comfortable calling home.  

Along the way Dan realized that managing a database of friends, customers and prospects was worth cultivating. So to engage this growing audience, he developed an ongoing program called JPEG of the WEEK. On a weekly basis, Dan shares a photograph. (AND has been doing so for more than a dozen years!)  He is also active in other social media channels such as facebook, twitter and via instagram. He has been a guest blogger. He actively supports emerging artists in and around Northeast Ohio.

Dan knows how to leverage networking and interacts in a way that builds relationships. If you know Dan, chances are he has found a way to engage you over time. It reinforces his brand and puts him top-of-mind with those who may have a need for a professional photographer. Dan interacts in a way that feels more personal to users than conventional methods of outbound marketing & advertising.   

Every week Dan Morgan sends out a recent image -- commercial, editorial or fine art. For more information visit: or E-mail Dan to be added to his special JPEG of the WEEK distribution list (

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