Sunday, October 26, 2014

Salute to Mary and James

With your theatrics and artful moves;
You shaped a family that could not lose;
You lived with flair, panache, and style as husband and wife;
Fur coats, cars, cameras, boats, tickets - the best things in life.  
You were passionate, opinionated, forceful and giving;
You modeled a life and a way of living;
But what mattered most was never the material things;
It was a simple cartoon, a quote and the joy that love brings;   
You encouraged us to follow our dreams;
Our Camelot came so gracefully it seems.
You said to savor the moment but seize the day;
By nature children are impatient and want to go their own way.
On the lake, football plays or plays for the stage;
Scripted in acts, written, and read carefully -- page by page;
Measure for measure - Edgewater days and autumn afternoons;
We marveled together as the first man stepped on the moon
Expressions, impressions, watercolor tides
Museums, parks, parades, and roller coaster rides
Tutor trim, lucky stones and fireplace flames;
We can never thank you enough Mary and James.
Time goes by and now it seems too fast;
Life is ephemeral and never meant to last. 

Rest in peace.

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