Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Ben 10-12-86

A Silent Leader

A Silent Leader, the camp counselor suggests
“I think I got ‘em all right” after a placement test.
Allison says Amazing -- I know.
Nelly, Ludacris, The Eminem Show
You will be tested but you will prevail -- you always do.
It goes without saying, we could not be prouder of you. 

In Six short years -- facing a new Millennium (You were 8).
If -- Then you’ll be a man my son. You will be great.
Now you are among the Manhattan Upper West Side DINCs
Never lost but always searching for links
You know the answers are not on any spreadsheet
Maybe there are clues in public places – as you look and seek               

Extraordinary as time goes by
The numbers will guide you but they sometimes lie.
Rockin’ like a Hurricane, Led Zeppelin, Sinatra and Mozart,
Whitney, MoMA, The Met, digital trending visual arts.
Graffiti, plants, bricks and Mortar – all those places.
Can you see the expressions -- on the faces?

In this world, there are people you want around;
You make others feel calm, safe and sound.
Happy Birthday – Enforcer, Goaltender, Scholar, Friend.
Wonder. Ponder. Do the means justify the end?
In shorts and tee shirt. Super fly in suit and tie. Comfortable in your own skin.
So much joy in your life – the movie you are in.
You have learned to appreciate the journey from the start
There is no place like home. That is where you find your heart.

Live well. Smile. Smell the flowers. 

Love Dad 10-12-2014.  

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