Saturday, May 7, 2016

Laumeier Art Fair 2016

Mother’s Day Weekend May 6-8, 2016 is the latest installation of the annual event that is an exhibition and sale featuring artists selected from a pool of more than 400 applications. Cash and prizes are awarded – but all are winners. This is work. The passion of pursuing a commercial viability that allows the general public access the product – be it painting, prints, photography, ceramics or mixed media. Artist are judged and are mostly used to judgements of others. Here, they must make the first cut to show and are among the 150 deemed by a jury. (This year Juan William Chavez of the Northside Workshop, Dr. Jeffrey Hughes of Webster University and independent Curator Gretchen Wagner). Laumeier Executive Director and Luminary James McAnally lead the charge in selection of Artist’s Awards and the City of Sunset Hills bestows a special recognition as well.

Beer and Wine, member appreciation, and a long list of event sponsors and partners make this happening happen. It is Devine intervention that delivers the weather that is most comfortable for exhibitors and visitors this year. Of course, concessions, creation station and main stage shows provide even more to the sensory overload. Development officer Michelle Siegel is perhaps most emphatic in leveraging this high profile event to shore up member support and plant some seeds she hopes will grow into greater sponsorship levels for the non-profit organization that is a jewel in crown for the arts in our region. Laumeier Sculpture Park is about to celebrate four decades and is doing so well positioned for delivering programming, classes and global showcases of art and artists from 4-6 year old campers to art fair artists to the critically acclaimed.

Visit www.laumeier,org...better yet visit Laumeier Sculpture Park at 12580 Rott Road.       

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