Saturday, May 28, 2016

School is Out

School is out, the work is done;
Pupils anticipate a summer of fun.
Grades, reports, assessments in;
Teachers checking out, patience running thin.

Requirements, district compliance, common core for the state;
Plan, set boundaries, noble intentions --- out of the gate.
Make a difference, know your role,  honor your station;
Parents, community, a whole nation --- exceed expectation.

Positive behavior intervention support --- mental health;
Be the very best you can be, be a better self.
Together Everyone Achieves More -- a TEAM battle cry;
All hands on deck --- never mind exactly why.

Data-based decisions made in an instant;
Effective professional leadership development.
Be safe, be peaceful, be cooperative, be kind.
Heat of a moment --- think, look, listen before you find

Running with walkies, keys, urgency on the floor
Behaviors forgiven but not forgotten --- open the door
Admin, educator, specials, paraprofessionals  in play
We are all Students --- We learn every day

Take a break.
Contemplate ---  A phenomenon in a paranormal state
Next year --- greater than great

6:50 am --- Don’t be late.

Bulletin Illustration above by the incredible Michael Rash

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