Sunday, May 8, 2016

Meet and Greet

Shop a lot, magic spot;
A  twisted plot;
Up down;
All around town.

List, dis, kiss; 
Raise a fist, miss, enlist;
Try, cry, defy;
Never say die, fly.

Reach, teach;
Beach, beseech;
Fine line;
Rhyme time.

Sneeze, squeeze;
Freeze, please;
Fin, sin, win;
begin, again.

Tangled kites, missing strikes;
football swipes;
Charlie Brown – good grief;
In need of relief.

Snap, trap;
fair, fare, overlap;
Pick up sticks.
Dirty tricks.                                  

Eyeglass repair;
tattered underwear;
Snotty nose;
unraveled hose.

Lawn mow, rakes;
Spiders and snakes;
shovels and hoes;
And so it goes.

Hello Goodbye.

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